Reading Blake, 2015, acrylic, ink and graphite on canvas 120 x 110 cm
This work was part of a group exhibition, ‘To The Point’ supporting the elderly as they were eviected from their homes in Millers Points and the rocks. Read more here:
Untitled, 2021, graphite, watercolour and texta on Arches paper 
“I’m out!”, 2021, digital painting 
Untitled, 2021, graphite, watercolour 
Good Cop, Bad Cop. (It works almost every time), 2021, digital painting 
Insufficient Funds, 2021, digital painting (and at least once a heart-breaking reality for all true souls) 
Cost Effect(i’ve), 2021, digital painting
Untitled, 2018, (detail) ... ink, pen and water colour
Undue Influence, digital scribble 2022
Untitled (pre-apocalypse drawing), 2017. Acrylic, ink and pen on canvas.
Dream, 2019, digital painting
Untitled, 2019, acrylic, pen, watercolour 
Untitled, 2019, digital painting
Recalibrating Atoms, 2016, mixed media, 29.7 x 32 cm
Unveiled, 2018, ink, pen and watercolour on Arches paper, 14.8 x 21 cm
C to the P to the T to the S to the D, (detail), 2018, pen, ink and watercolour on paper
“You Will Lose Years (and many people) to This (Can I borrow $50?)”, 2021, digital painting
The Tower, (detail), 2019, ink, texta and watercolour
Dictionary in Death Throes, 2021, digital painting.
Demonic Mnemonic, 2019, digital painting
Untitled, 2021, ink, pencil and texta on paper 
"You are (not) safe.", 2020, digital painting 
What Goes On, 2021, digital painting
“I Unsubscribed From Amazon As Soon As I Saw That Rocket Ship Full of Psychopaths.”, 2022, graphite, watercolour and texta
High Adventure, 2018, ink, pen and watercolour on arches paper
Layer #8 of Map for Time Travel (detail), 2018, ink, pen and watercolour on paper
It's a Wild World, 20016, acrylic, graphite, oil pastel on arches paper, 29.7 x 32 cm
“I Swear to God (& oh gawd), Demons of Depression Reach Through the Television Anytime You Watch Netflix.”, 2018, ink, pen and watercolour on Arches paper.
For the Dear Departed / When Tim Left Us, 2004, dry-point etching, 28.3 x 24 cm
Ouch!, 2022, digital 
Awaiting the Intervention of Grace, 2018, conte, ink, oil pastel, pen, & texta on Stonehenge paper
Holy Fuck My Back Hurts!, 2018, ink, pen, watercolour on paper (big love to anyone else who suffers with chronic pain)
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